Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Week of Family and Friends

This past week was a blast. It started off when my friend Shelly invited us over Monday night for dinner. Her cousin Kim was passing through with her children and coincidentally had been a dear friend of ours when we lived in New Jersey. Kim's husband Dallas was not with her on this trip. "We missed you Dallas!!"

We arrived Monday morning to discover that Shelly had got the days mixed up and Kim would be coming through TUESDAY night not MONDAY. But the Dunbars are not a family that turns down good food, kind hospitality nor the opportunity to play "Big Boody". So, we stayed and had a great time with Shelly and the rest of the Truax clan.

Tuesday night we were back!! We arrived the same time as Kim and it was AWESOME!! Here is a picture of Shelly, Kim's little girl Manon, Kim and Me! We had such a fun night of visiting, eating and reminiscing.

Wednesday was our last Pack Meeting as Cub Scout Masters in this ward. We had a great time with the boys. Although I am so happy to be moving into our house this week I truly will miss this wonderful ward we have been a part of this last year.

Thursday morning we pulled out and headed down to St. George for my niece Julia's wedding. It was fun to take Isabel Truax down so she could spend time with her friends for her birthday. She is Shelly's youngest daughter and I appreciated her company. The kids pretty much adore her. Once we got to my sister's house we jumped right in to help with all the preparations for the wedding and reception the next day.

Friday morning I got to go to the sealing in the St. George Temple. So wonderful. Julia and Brady were married and sealed in the same sealing room that Roger and I were so it was pretty amazing to sit there and enjoy their wedding but also look back on mine and ponder on what a great guy I married and how much I love him. The picture above is one that Ivy took of the Temple.

The kids and I with Grandma Joy waiting for Julia and Brady to come out of the Temple.

Here is just one of us. I forgot to mention that Roger had to stay up in Salt Lake to sign the closing papers and start the move into our house!

Here is Julia and Brady coming out of the Temple. The brand new Mr. and Mrs. Vincent, YAY!!

Here is the fountain that Russ (Julia's Dad) built with his boys for their backyard reception. The wind was a bit of a problem but it still turned out to be quite a party!!

Here is the cake my sister Janell made. She has us all helping her the night before making the roses, the balls and the twisty things. It was amazing to see it come together. Absolutely stunning!! I love the swag (great job Jenn) and the real flowers.

Here are Julia and Brady cutting the cake.

And the classic, "Stuffing Each Others Face With It".

I had to get these candid shots of Ivy with her cousins. This is a RARE moment of the kids all sitting quietly on the couch. Thank you Toy Story 2....no really THANK YOU!

Here is another sweet candid moment of Jackson and Ivy cuddling. I want to give a shout out to my boy Max for being such a great help with yard work, serving in the kitchen during the reception and passing out the favors. AND for playing with the little kids. You were officially the kids wrangler and they LOVED following you around like the Pied Piper!

Sunday we attended our ward in Santa Clara. It was so fun to see our friends and drive by our house afterward and see that the new owners are taking such good care of it. Then Monday we swam in Grandma Pat's pool and she and Doug treated us to Denny's. We picked up our bird Gogo from my mom's and then picked up Isabel and headed home! So wonderful to have a great visit with friends and family before our BIG MOVE this week!! YAY!!

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